Complex behaviors, whether in feedback systems, chaotic circuits, social systems or computer programs are fascinating objects of study. The Society for Nontrivial Pursuits (present, past and future students, alumni/ae, teachers, and associates of the class Generative Art / Computational Art at UdK Berlin) explore the possibility spaces of such systems for experimental performance. We design, build and program our own audio/visual performance systems based on a variety of devices, sensors, analog electronics, and software synthesis. We deploy them in extremely diverse projects between installations,performances and experiments.

S4NTP has been active since 2010, and comprises a flexible team with a wide range of artistic and technical experience. We hold regular performance evenings (Spektrum Berlin 2014 - 2018, Arkaoda since 2019) and exhibitions in Berlin, and have performed and exhibited at festivals, conferences and exhibitions worldwide (Austria, Slovakia, Great Britain, Turkey, China).



Six Strings

Six Strings is a captivating fusion of historical visionaries' audacious experiments. Drawing inspiration from Sun Ra's 'Strange Strings' concept album, an ode to the enigmatic, and Bebe and Louis Barron's pioneering work in cybernetic circuits, this installation transcends boundaries. Alvin Lucier's innovative exploration of material effects and David Tudor's mastery of electronic circuits converge in this immersive experience.

Six taut strings traverse the space, acting as conduits for inputted sounds. These resonances intertwine with the source, birthing a symbiotic feedback loop. The resulting sonic cosmos, a self-sustaining autopoietic entity, pulsates and evolves, an ode to the boundless potential of unorthodox artistic expression

Neural Labyrinths

Neural Labyrinths draws from David Tudor's live electronics, blending technical simplicity with nuanced sonic richness. Inspired by Tudor's methods, it employs neural synthesis, modular processing, and tuned transducers. The setup, consisting of six nodes, each runs a feedback synthesis program and connects via various inputs and outputs. Individualized with distinct resonating objects, the nodes form a cross-connected network, offering both installation and multi-player performance potential. Workshops allow for further customization.

Future Voices

A one-year live-generated radio stream composed from hopes, fears and dreams of contributors from around the world.

We live in a present with many, very different possible futures. They range from doom to bliss, dystopia to utopia. What do YOU think about the future? What do YOU expect, fear, hope, propose, plan for the future? You can make your voice heard:

Just a Moment of Patience

JaMoP aims at turning a large collection of text recordings, spoken in different languages by a wide variety of individuals, into an ongoing algorithmic stream of sound. This stream will be available world wide through web radio, and will be live on air in selected stations.

Here you can listen to the live stream: