A Society for Nontrivial Pursuits
@ State Studio

12.03 - 21.03.2021



State Studio hosts an evening and a long week of freshest audiovisual pieces from the S4NTP team: Friday starts with a performance evening of solos, duos & groups, ranging from classical Korean instruments to remote shared live coding. This is followed by a weeklong exhibition displayed online and in the windows of the State Studio building. The installations include staged zoom conferences, automatic pen drawings, feedback system flowers, and a “ghost performance” that de/re-composes the traces of the live shows from the opening event.

Friday Night Live

Andres Ortega – Solo Set
Özcan Ertek & Vinzenz Aubry – DoubleTouch (Live Visuals: Pedro Ferreira)
Zihern Lee: Gayageum + electronics – A Naive Poem

Trio THC (Tomek Tobolski, Hannes Hoelzl, Christian Schmidts) – supervillainy
Alberto de Campo – Polyharpye Reclaimed
Coding rehearsal band – remote live coding show
Isak Han – Where To Now?

© TsingYun Zhang @ S4NTP

12.03 - 21.03

we are sitting in a zoom (2021)

a series of multilingual conversations. with chunli wang (taiwan), juan pablo gavira bedoya (rain forest, columbia), lisa maria steppacher (thurgau, switzerland), özcan ertek (istanbul, turkey), sani nam (seoul, south korea), anne wellmer (the hague, netherlands). Please enjoy with subtitles and auto-translation via your YouTube settings!

ghost performance (2021)

by S4NTP

hashtag beyoncé

by André Martins
A replica is created of Beyoncé’s official instagram account. All of the original pictures will integrate the replica but with one difference: Beyoncé will have been digitally removed in all of the photographs where she appears. The pictures will be reposted following the original time date, now seven years later, at @hashtagbeyo. The posts can also be followed on #beyonce.

Zen(禪)erative Drawings

by Hyungjoong Kim

Video feedback dynamics experiment

Collective Stream

Plotter Drawings

by Marcel Schwittlick

Air Sculptures

by Özcan Ertek. Air Sculptures are series of kinetic sound installations that bring together kinetic movement and indeterminacy of air into sculpture form.


by Pedro Ferreira
Debris is an assemblage of electronic waste collected from the streets of Berlin and from online strangers as well as a computer game that presents an environment full of e-waste where the player has to survive planned obsolescence.

Scrolling for Ghosts

by Pedro Ferreira
The scrollbar, the two-dimensional screen-based computational digital media object used for navigating graphical user interfaces or to hook users on endless streams of (dis)information, is materialized as a physical object in order to permit presence and physical interaction among peers and the incomputable.

Mind Wandering

by Sani Nam

The Trace Of Us

by Coding rehearsal group
The Trace Of Us is a cooperational work which reads the current mouse positions of our members and translates it to sounds. At the time we cannot be present in public, our mouse traces indicate that we are still somewhere around.